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Jennifer Laliberte's Story

Montreal, Quebec
December 15, 2016

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The hardest part of being a Regional Director is accepting that you can’t do all the things you wish you could. There are always more people that need support, more awareness that could be raised, and more fundraising events that could be planned.

Our work is so appreciated by the women in the community and I am learning so much from them. It’s wonderful to have such a direct connection to the people we serve. I get to follow up with women who have received a guide from us, talk to them face-to-face to understand and hopefully address their needs. I can see the immediacy of my impact within my community - something I wouldn’t have experienced in the same way at my previous position when I worked at an international non-profit. I know that our hard work do makes a difference.

The 2016 Montreal Walk was my first Walk. Seeing so many women living with ovarian cancer in one place, seeing the big groups of people supporting them, and seeing our volunteers’ hard work come to fruition was amazing. I felt very welcomed by the community and even more inspired to do whatever I can to make their voices heard.

I have been touched by all the people and families I have encountered. It’s so much more than a job for me, and there’s so much more I hope to do.

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Jennifer Laliberte


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