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Dear Grandma

Meera’ Story

Halifax, Nova Scotia
October 20, 2016

Dear Ammamma,

Kothai and MeeraI always see your photos around the house and I wonder what you were like. Mommy always tells me stories about you. Mommy says you were bubbly and you were silly and you had really pretty long hair, just like me. Mommy says I remind her of you and that makes me really happy.

Mommy shaved her head last year on Mother’s Day in your memory. She told me that losing your hair was very hard because you had long hair all your life. I really like my long hair, but I also cut my hair short because I wanted to know more about you. I think my idea to cut my hair to remember and celebrate you keeps giving me new ideas to think about you and to help Ovarian Cancer Canada. I wish I got to know you. I wish I got to meet you.

Mommy made me the team captain for The Walk this year and I started my very own lemonade stand with my best friend. It was so much fun! Everyone loved my lemonade and mango lassi. Mommy was my best customer. She came every day and bought a cup. One customer told me that he heard about us on the radio and we were doing a good job! He gave me $5 for my lemonade.

I made $500 from my lemonade stands and mommy says this is the biggest our team has ever been. It was also so fun to walk with my friends for the first time - we got to take pictures and walk along the boardwalk. I walked the entire 5KM - it was so long. Mommy was very proud of me. I think you would have been so proud of me.

I think about you often. I miss you, Ammamma.

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