2019 Walk of Hope - Montreal, QC

Thank you for your support!
Thank you for your support!

In honour of the greatest mother Anahis

April 27 2018 at the Jewish General Hospital, my mother and I waited to find out why my mother was getting sick. At 11:30pm the doctor came to see us and said I’m sorry but you have Ovarian Cancer. Right then I knew our life is changed forever....we got the news we never thought we would have.....cancer. April 30th at 1am she got moved to K9 where she remained for 30 days. Those 4 weeks I saw a brave strong woman get taken over by this ugly disease. I watched as she lost the ability to eat, to get up and go to the washroom, the ability to drink or talk. I watched as my mom slowly started to die. 

May 27 2018 my mom got admitted to palliative care and on May 30th she spoke her last word to me before she went completely silent. 

June 1,2018 at 1am I held my mom as she took her last breath and eared her wings to join my dad on the other side.  

Im doing this walk in honour of the most strongest beautiful courages woman I will ever know. I miss you mommy so much

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