2019 Ovarian Cancer Canada Walk of Hope in Winnipeg, Manitoba

Thank you for your support!
Thank you for your support!

High Hopes

Today, thousands of Canadian women are living with ovarian cancer and another 2,800 will be diagnosed this year.

Each of these women is central to a family. Every one of these women has people who love her. Just being there to support and honor her means everything. That’s why our team is participating with thousands of others at the Ovarian Cancer Canada Walk of Hope.

The Walk celebrates the hope we carry with us every day – the hope for a future without this disease.

This year’s goal is to raise $2.1 million. Every dollar we raise supports Ovarian Cancer Canada, the only national charity entirely dedicated to this important cause. Funds will be used to provide support, increase awareness, and fund vital research so that we can change the future for the women we love.

Our message:

This year we walk as a tribute to my sister, Louise McAllister. Living with this disease was a constant fight for her. Physically, mentally and emotionally. She fought for herself and for the other ladies dealing with this horrible disease. Even though she was a warrior through it all, in the end there just wasn't enough energy to keep her going.

On Tuesday, July 4, 2017 she lost her battle with ovarian cancer. We walk for her.

Please provide your support by giving generously. Or if you would like to join us for the Walk on September 8th, please sign up to Team High Hopes. Together we can make a difference.

Thank you,


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