2019 Ovarian Cancer Canada Walk of Hope in Toronto, Ontario

Carol & Elvira's A-Team

Welcome to Carol & Elvira's A-Team Page!

Whether you come from Team Aranzanso or Team Annibale (or both!), we are so thankful for your support in our efforts to advance ovarian cancer research, treatment, and prevention. 

When we (Allie and Sara) met at the beginning of grad school, we hit it off instantly. We have a shared love for speech-language pathology, samosas, sushi, chicken nuggets, and babies. What we didn't realize right away, though, is that we are connected by a shared life experience from before we ever met: we both lost our moms to ovarian cancer as kids.

It seemed like our moms were trying to tell us something. ;) 

The heartbreaking reality is that our story is not as unique as you might think. Today, thousands of Canadian women are living with ovarian cancer and another 2,800 will be diagnosed this year. It is an aggressive, under-funded disease that is often identified too late. 

So here we are, rallying our family and friends to join us in a fundraising effort against the disease that changed our lives, and our families lives, forever. We are running and walking in the Ovarian Cancer Canada's Walk of Hope this September and we invite you to join, or donate to, our team.

We like to think that our moms, Elvira Aranzanso and Carol Annibale, are sitting on a heavenly patio, eating samosas and cheering us on! Please support our fundraising efforts in whatever way you can. :) 

Thank you A-Team!


Allie & Sara

TEAM HASHTAG: #CarolAndElvirasATeam




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