2020 Ovarian Cancer Canada Walk of Hope in Ottawa/Gatineau, ON

Julee's and Judy's Hop, Skip, and a Hope!

Today, thousands of Canadian women are living with ovarian cancer and another 2,800 will be diagnosed this year.

One of those people was my friend, Judy. I, Julee, was diagnosed in 2011. Both Judy and I were both diagnosed at late-stage cancer, faced surgery and chemotherapy, and a not-great prognosis. We are still here today, miraculously, and plan to do our best to walk on September 9th and to raise awareness amongst our friends and families about the plight of those struck by this disease.

Supporting women like us can come in many forms: we benefit by prayer, accompaniment, reaching out, and anything you can do that shows you care. The worst thing is to ignore it, or to pretend that the dearth of research funding allocated to ovarian cancer in this country isn't a serious oversight and injustice.

The Walk celebrates the hope we carry with us every day – the hope for a future without this disease.

Every dollar we raise supports Ovarian Cancer Canada, the only national charity entirely dedicated to this important cause. Funds will be used to provide support, increase awareness, and fund vital research so that we can change the future for the women we love. Please help us by coming out to the Walk if you can, by pitching in a little money, or even by thinking of businesses that you think might be able to support us with a corporate donation.

Although the Ottawa Walk aims for $88,000, wouldn't it be great if we could reach an even $100,000? The researchers are poised with bringing some amazing work to clinical trials--let's all push for them to be able to get there. They may or may not be available in time for Judy and me, but one never does know!

Love, always--

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