2020 Ovarian Cancer Canada Walk of Hope in Victoria, BC

Team Wookie

Once again this year, members of Team Wookie will walk in honour of our beloved Maria Christine Wilkie. As she did from the very beginning, Maria continues today to bring us all together.

As I write this, September seems a long way off, so much uncertainty in the world. For many of us, the pandemic has knocked away our scaffolding: recognizable things have changed; our usual comforts are hard to come-by; the level of worry, higher than ever. But for ovarian cancer patients and their loved ones, this kind of uncertainty is nothing new. Uncertainty started with diagnosis.

During our experience, Maria and I were infinitely grateful for the help we received from friends, family, healthcare workers, everyone. So many indispensable supports. I can only imagine how important these supports are now to the newly diagnosed, those currently in the thickets of treatment. My good thoughts to you all. There is bravery and grace on all sides of the equation, especially in these challenging times. Stay strong everyone, stay hopeful. And – in the words of a favourite song – we will always be a light. You can see it from the surface, see it.

Maria, I have learned much from you, my beautiful Snowberry, my Moglie, my amazing Manasweetie. I will continue to carry that love and wisdom forward, living each day in a way that makes you smile.

As always, I welcome friends, family, colleagues, anyone who wishes to join Team Wookie to celebrate Maria’s luminous spirit in new ways for this year's Walk. Even in these difficult times I know each and every one of us can feel the bonfire that is Maria, warming us, illuminating the path ahead.

Let’s make this year something special, something joyful. Something positive to take with us on the road forward.

Thanks everyone.

Much love,


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