2021 Walk - Saskatoon, SK

We can all do something...
We can all do something...

Team Find the Good

JOIN TEAM FIND THE GOOD... to remember and celebrate Mandy or to support some other amazing woman that you know that's fighting - or fought - this disease.  We need all the help we can get. 


The weekend of this year’s Ovarian Cancer Walk - Sunday, September 8th - marks two years since Mandy passed away. Sometimes it feels like yesterday… sometimes it feels like forever ago that I last saw her face or held her hand. When I hear her songs on the radio, its as if time hasn’t passed and she’s still here, writing and singing and making us all smile. And in a way, she still is.

But time has passed and since then, other important people in my life have been diagnosed with cancer. And, once again, I feel helpless in the face of this powerful machine that just keeps coming.

Until I remember. I’m not helpless. I can do something. I can walk. I can help raise awareness and money to support the doctors and scientists trying to stop it.

It's a small something, but its something. And so here I am... asking you to donate and through my walk, support those people too.

To make your donation. click on the DONATE NOW button to the right.  It only takes a minute.  It's that easy.

Thank you. For taking a moment to remember Mandy, for remembering all of those who are fighting today, for donating.


Donate today... and remember to always find the good.

Mandy's single "Find the Good" can be seen here...

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