2021 Walk - Ottawa/Gatineau, ON

Here are Judy and Me in 2018
Here are Judy and Me in 2018

Julee's and Judy's Hop, Skip, and a Hope!

Judy and I got to share in our walk with Ovarian Cancer together. 

We both came to it in the advanced stages of the illness, although our cases presented very different one from the other. I had been at it a few more years than Judy, and so between the two of us we supported one another with phone calls, cards, a shared book and study group, and even the occasional lunch. We visited one another in hospital and even had our beds side by side for chemotherapy together for a couple of months.

On Good Friday, 2020, Judy succumbed to the disease, peacefully and with family at her side--in spite of the pandemic being just new. We miss Judy every day. She was an energetic and faithful Christian, a nurse with a PhD in neuroscience, and she even had a wing at a local Salvation Army centre named after her.

I really miss Judy and having the camaraderie that comes with shared experience, especially one that is as intense as this one. We were true Teal Sisters.

I continue on in this journey buoyed by the memory of Judy's hope and her steadfastness. We were kindred spirits in our attitude to the illness and in our wish to see women's chances of being diagnosed properly and treated successfully for this cluster of cancers known as "ovarian cancer."

I am pleased to report, Judy, that in the past year we have made serious inroads with the injection of funding directly into clinical trials, and we now have several patient partners (of which I am one) sitting on trial boards and committees as representatives and advocates for the OC patient experience.

Please come and walk with us. Peace be with us all.

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