2021 Walk - Calgary, AB

Judy's Journey

Today, thousands of Canadian women are living with ovarian cancer and another 2,800 will be diagnosed this year. Although this number is low compared to some of the other cancers, the survival rate for Ovarian Cancer significantly lags that of the others, and has not improved in the same way as the others over the years.

Fortunately, the better funded cancers have seen substantial increases in their survival rates over the last 30 years.  With improved funding, so can Ovarian Cancer!  This was Judy's hope before we lost her to this terrible disease in 2012.  This is my hope today.  Let's not lose anymore wives, mothers, daughters, nieces and girlfriends!

This is my tenth Walk of Hope.  Through a tremendous support team, we managed to raise over $100,000 the last 9 years.  Let's reach again this year!

Please provide support by joining team "Judy's Journey" and walking with us on Sunday Sep.12 in Calgary, or by making a donation, or by providing moral support.   Or all of above!  Let's continue Judy's Journey!

Thank-you for your support,

Judy's Journey

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