2022 Walk - Edmonton, AB

Thank you for your support! Much love to all of you.
Thank you for your support! Much love to all of you.

Team Tawsha

This fight can not be fought alone. This is why we're asking you to Join Team Tawsha and come walk with me. We can cry, we can laugh and we can create a memory of a day that some day we will all look back on and really feel like we made a difference. A difference for our mothers, for our daughters, for all of the woman that we love. Cancer has no prejudice on who it attacks.

Tawsha's story (in her own words) ...

That moment the Dr called and said I have a large 12.6cm cyst on my left ovary that has possible “concerning neoplasm”. Google “what is concerning neoplasm??” Oh sh#%t but I had no symptoms, the ultrasound was to make sure my iud was in place. Could this really be happening again?? 7 years ago I was diagnosed with a sarcoma cancer on my left thigh. I just had my oncologist follow up for that the month before and I was still cancer free. This can’t be?? After numerous tests, all confirming the possibility of the inevitable, a surgery to remove everything, pathology came back and I have been diagnosed with Stage 3b Clear Cell Ovarian Carcinoma. How could this be with no symptoms??... this is why it’s called “the silent killer”. Surgery Jan 23, 2018, started chemotherapy Feb 2018 to Feb 2019.

This disease has changed my life, it has turned my family’s life upside down. My children age 13 and 14 have experienced watching their mom get very sick, then better again on a regular basis. Random friends and family picking them up from school and taking them to their sports. Nothing was consistent.

That is the cutting to the chase side of things. Then you have the open your eyes and see all the beauty that this has brought. Friends family and even acquaintance coming together with all of their love, their care and their support. People sending texts and emails. Cards and gifts coming in the mail. People bringing food on a daily basis. Posts of strength, courage and love on social media. #letsfighttogether

Much love to all of you! xo

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