2022 Walk - Halifax, NS

Thanks for your support!
Thanks for your support!

Corinney's Crew

I have signed up for the virtual walk this year in case anyone wanted to join under the old team. The first walk we did 3 years ago was great but then 2 years ago we were cancelled due to the hurricane and last year was a virtual walk. This years walk being virtual again has disappointed me so much. I am so done with virtual everything.  I wish they had waited til July or so to decide with the vaccines rolling out but I don’t control that so it is another disappointment I will live with. As I am about to start my 5th round of chemo in 3 1/2 years I just don’t have the energy to do the fundraising as it does take a lot of effort. If people want to donate it will be appreciated but I’m not going to harass people to join or fundraise or donate. Anyone who wants to please know it’s appreciated. Thanks 

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