2022 Walk - Kingston, ON

My Rah Rah Team
My Rah Rah Team

Teal We Find a Cure

August 2022

​Hello to you all!  Thank you for “dropping” in.

“The Walk  of Hope is Sunday, September 11th at Lake Ontario Park.

I am asking for donations on-line or personally. 

 I’m so happy to say that after 5 years out from my surgery and 4 1/2 years from my chemo treatment, l’m still NED (No Evident Disease)!  The statistics state that with my late stage diagnosis of Stage 3C, that 50% of women will recur within the first 6 months after initial treatment.  85% of women will recur before 2 years.  Some of us are fortunate enough to be in the lucky minority.  I realize this can change any day, but until that day arrives, l live my life with gratitude and hope.  Hope, that one day, women will have better diagnostic tools available to them to catch this cancer sooner, so mortality rates rise!  

This weekend l go to a Celebration of Life for yet another Teal sister that has passed away from this deadly disease.  I try not to think of how many of these l have gone to since my diagnosis.  These women had become friends and comrades in our battle to stick around for our families, friends and each other.  It breaks my heart ♥ to see our numbers dwindle one by one.  I promised myself early on, that l would advocate and participate in the “Walk of Hope” as long as l could.  The mortality rate has not changed in over 50 years!  There has been new treatments and trials but life expectancies are about the same.

What we need is funding, and unfortunately Ovarian Cancer is underfunded which surprises me greatly.  After all, we are your mothers, grandmothers, sisters, Aunts, friends and families.  Help us to live longer by donating what you can, so researchers can discover a cure or at least find tools to discover it before its too advanced to help.

Every dollar we raise supports Ovarian Cancer Canada, the only national charity entirely dedicated to this important cause. Funds will be used to provide support, increase awareness, and fund vital research so that we can change the future for the women we love.

Together we can make a difference.

You are more than welcome to join myself and other Teal sisters at Lake Ontario Park Sunday, September 11th.  We will begin the Walk through the Park at 10:00 sharp.  Your support means the world to us!


Tax receipts issued for amounts over $20.00

Together we can make a difference!

Hugs and Hope


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