2022 Walk - Kingston, ON

Celebrating 5 1/2 years a Thriver
Celebrating 5 1/2 years a Thriver

Team "Lumbie"

Oh happy day we did it!  With all your wonderful help we surpassed my goal of over $5000.  and counting.  Can you believe $6051!!!  Yes indeed  "Hope Lives Here" ... the 2021 mantra!  Celebrating this year's Walk of Hope with my five and 3/4 year anniversary is more than I could "hope” for. 

A few family and friends joined me for a walk in my neighbourhood on Sunday, September 12th.   Thank you for joining me.  Your support means everything to me and we always have such a good time.  We enjoyed our teal outfits, balloons, pizza and cupcakes under almost sunny skies this year.  Ha, ha.  It did clear up eventually.  

Thank you once again Team Lumbie for giving me your support and friendship.  We accomplished so much together because you have my back.  I am greatly blessed to have so much goodness in my life. Yay Team Lumbie! 

Hugs, Janice.❤

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