2022 Walk - Niagara Region, ON

Woot! Woot! Look at what we accomplished - together!
Woot! Woot! Look at what we accomplished - together!

Pickett's Parade

Welcome! My name is Peggy Pickett. Together, with my Survivor Sisters, we invite you to join the Parade. 

I started this team in 2015 and it has grown from my family and friends to a larger community. I have met several other survivors and together we have become the Survivor Sisters. We met because of our diagnosis but have become sisters, dear friends walking our journey together, supporting, loving and laughing. We were a larger group, but have had to say good bye to Lydia and Sheila, and this past year, we said good by to our dear Darlene. Our walk this year is in honour of her. We miss her dearly.

Each of these women is central to a family. Every one of these women has people who love her. Just being there to support and honour her means everything. That’s why our team, Pickett's Parade, is rallying with the community everywhere for Ovarian Cancer Canada Walk of Hope.

On Sunday, September 11, 2022 we invite you to join us at Oakes Park in Niagara Falls as we join the #WalkOfHope. Walk with us and, bring a friend, tell a friend, bring your dog. Donate to the cause. And we thank you.

Today, thousands of Canadian women, just like us,  are living with ovarian cancer and another 3,100 will be diagnosed this year. Ovarian cancer will claim 1950 lives this year in Canada. 700 will be in Ontario alone.

The Walk celebrates the hope we carry with us every day – the hope for a future without this disease. The outcomes for women diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer have not changed in 50 years and I am asking you to join my team to help change future outcomes. I want no other woman to have to live the journey I am on.

Please support our Walk by giving generously. Better yet, if you are up for a challenge this September, please join me on my team, raise some money and put on your walking shoes and teal accessories as part of Pickett's Parade and go out for a walk on Sunday, September 11, 2022.

Together we can make a difference.

Follow this link to my personal page.

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