2022 Walk - Barrie, Simcoe & Muskoka Region, ON

Thank you for your support!
Thank you for your support!

Val's Army

Hi. My name is Valerie Bell, I have been married for 38 years to a wonderful man, have two adult children and two incredible grandchildren. Have you ever been stopped dead in your tracks and left so completely dazed and wondering where the truck that just hit you went to? Nov 2016 was a busy month, getting ready for Advent and Christmas. This was the first year for the grandchildren to be with us for the holidays and things were going to be perfect! Until the phone call came. The family doc wanted to see me soonest. It was a Wed night and I toddled off to see the doctor alone. Hubby was playing hockey after work. No big deal though, it was likely something routine. Routine ceased to exist for me that night at about 5:30 pm. Everything became surreal for the next few weeks. Doctors appointments, CT scans, blood work…and finally the first of 6 chemo treatments. I wasn’t prepared for the effects of the chemo. Read what you want. Until you experience it, it was just words on paper. Well, we survived Christmas, chemo and surgery. In May 17 I finished my last chemo session and afterwards began to get my strength back. And finally, finally I was cleared to go back to work. As a retired member of the Canadian Forces, I wasn’t used to being at home, regardless of the reason. 4 Jan 18, I was back where I belonged. At my desk at CFB Borden. Thanks be to God. I pretty much figured I had this beat. I was feeling great. Well, here comes that truck again. Almost a year to the day that I finished chemo, I was re-diagnosed with ovarian cancer and thus the cycle began again. I have now completed 5 of 6 sessions, the last appt being 27 Aug 18. The chemo is hard on the body and I feel like crap until about 5 days after. But I am not going to stop fighting this dreadful disease. I am walking to raise funds and awareness about ovarian cancer. The more that is raised, the more research can be done!! Join me on 9 Sep 18, in spirit by donating, or in person by becoming a member of Val’s Army (Ovarian Cancer Killers).

See you then!!

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