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2023 Walk - Calgary, AB

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In 2016 my wife Melanie was diagnosed with late-stage ovarian cancer.  The diagnosis marked the beginning of a journey that continues even today.  Through the efforts, dedication and skill of her medical team Melanie was provided life-saving surgery and chemotherapy to knock the cancer out of her system.  We cannot say enough about the medical team who supported her throughout the past 6 years. The Tom Baker Cancer Centre, the Alberta Cancer Foundation, and a legion of health practitioners continue help her manage the side effects of her treatment, and to help her as she does all she can to make sure the cancer doesn’t come back.  She continues to receive ongoing supportive therapies.  We are forever thankful, and realize how lucky we have been. 

Melanie’s journey has also been massively assisted by the support and caring of friends and family who stepped up when she was in the throes of her treatment, and continue to do so.  Ovarian Cancer Canada (OCC) has also been a critical support mechanism for us. OCC represents the only national charity dedicated to supporting those diagnosed with ovarian cancer with critical information throughout their journey, and who also significantly support improved research and treatments for ovarian cancer as well.  Many of those same friends and family continue to support Melanie through support of the annual OCC walk each September.

I sat on the OCC Board for 3 years, and I can tell you personally that very cost-effectively, and through an incredibly dedicated team, OCC leverages its limited resources to developing much greater funding for ovarian cancer research and treatment.  Through its efforts, research and new experimental therapies are finally starting to attract the funding necessary to ultimately improve the outcome for our friends, mothers, wives, sisters and daughters.  It can’t come soon enough.

Which brings me to our annual OCC walk.  This walk typically accounts for well over 50% of the annual revenue of OCC.  The walk this year is set for September 10, 2023.  We will do our best to earn your support by attending the walk in person, and will always appreciate whatever support you can give.







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