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2023 Walk - Vancouver and Lower Mainland, BC

Thank you for your support!
Thank you for your support!

Team Barrett

This year, I lost too many friends to ovarian cancer.

They were wives, friends, daughters, some were mothers, brilliant researchers, inspired artists, and more. They are all loved and all missed. 

As I near my eight year anniversary of being diagnosed, I feel more lucky than ever to have the life I have today. 

I know mothers living in fear of leaving their children. Women terrified of that next scan, that next appointment. Families who feel helpless and scared. 


For the first time ever, I feel confident writing that there are breakthroughs on our horizons. This is down to Ovarian Cancer Canada campaigning tirelessly on our behalf. They invested in us when we were overlooked. And we'll be seeing more of those investments deliver hope and results in the near future. 


This year, as a way of thanking everyone for their years of support, Tom and I will be matching donations up to $5,000. It's a drop in the ocean of love and kindness we have received over these past eight years. Thank you. 

Come and walk with us on Sunday morning at 10am at Queen Elizabeth Park. I'd love to see you. 

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