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2023 Walk - Halton Region, ON


  • As in every year since we first started asking good friends and family I struggle with the same difficult question: "Can I ask my loyal supporters one more time to support BARB FIGHTS BACK?"  The decision was made for me a few weeks ago, during one of Barbara's routine clinical trial visits to Princess Margaret, and the incredible team who have been caring for her for so long. 

    On that memorable visit, Barbara was asked to consider joining two additional clinical trials, both of them stemming from new research into all of the various aspects of the PARP inhibitor she's been taking over several years..........the drug that has kept her OC in full remission. The new trials are all about exploring the longer term impacts and potential risks that go with the use of this drug, based on a lot of the most up to date research. 

    Needless to say, Barbara was immediately ALL IN for these two new trials, with my complete support. I found that to be one of the most emotional visits we've had with the Gyni-Onc team since the very beginning of this journey. I had to sit back and think "why did I find that emotional?" The answer was pretty simple; all this work, this fund raising, this governmental relations hard work; all of it is bearing fruit and leading ever closer to finding long term solutions to this nasty disease which has not let up in its assault on way too many women in Canada. It seems as though, even in our own circle of friends and networks, we are regularly hearing sad stories of more women bearing the impact of this terrible diagnosis. 

    Bottom line? The decision to reach out to you, once again, was pretty much made for me. So here I am, seeking your support. 

    Let me reprise again a bit of what Barbara had to say at this time a few years ago.......her words are every bit as relevant today as they were then:

    Hello Everyone,

    I owe a huge Thank you to all of you that have supported research and new drugs to treat OC. Without this my beloved Olaparib would not exist and I would not have been allowed precious time with my husband and family, my biggest treasures.
    Such wonderful strides forward have been made in research and new drugs, allowing better treatment and extending the lives of women with OC.
    I thank John for his constant support in “our” journey and Thank You, for allowing me to treasure each new day.
    With heart-felt thanks,

    Barbara's ongoing visits, many of them virtual, with her remarkable team at Princess Margaret continues to show that all her cancer indicators remain stable: a far cry from what we feared on Valentine's Day, 2012, when she was first diagnosed.

    We really need your support!

    Can I count on you to help us? Please support my 2023 "Walk" by giving generously. 

    Together we can make a difference!


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