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2023 Walk - Guelph, Kitchener & Waterloo, ON

Thank you for your support!
Thank you for your support!

Team Leigh

Leigh and Family’s Story of Survival

This is the second year we are participating in the Walk for Ovarian Cancer.

Last year we raised over $8000 for this amazing cause!!! 

We are walking again this year to raise money to provide care and scientific advancements for this cancer. 
Ovarian cancer, while not always genetic, can be caused by genetic mutations. In our family’s case we found out, after last years walk, that Leigh has the BRCA 2 gene. This means that her children and grandchildren could also be carriers of this genetic mutation. 

Leigh is a survivor of this aggressive cancer but not everyone is so lucky. More screening processes are needed to ensure it is caught early enough to be treated. 
This cause is so important to our family because we would like to be proactive in preventing and detecting this cancer early in Leigh’s children and grandchildren. 
There is very little in the way of screening processes for Ovarian Cancer. This is a huge reason the cause is so important, in a lot of cases the cancer is very advanced due to little to no symptoms. In fact, as screening for this aggressive cancer is difficult, as her daughter writing this, like Leigh, I have the BRCA 2 gene; at age of 40 I had my ovaries and tubes surgically removed in order to better my chances of survival for my own 3 daughters.                

We are so proud of our mum for being a face of bravery during her battle. She has been positive and inspiring through the last year, which included a major surgery, chemotherapy and medication. Despite higher chances of relapse, due to her genetic predisposition, she remains a true positive light and inspiration for others fighting cancer. We want the others who have to face this disease to beat it as well, including her family, so if you can please donate!!!!! This is cause that really needs your support.

Together, let’s walk with hope in our hearts and lead the way towards a brighter future for those living with and at risk of ovarian cancer.

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