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2023 Walk - Toronto, ON

let's go get it because guess what i got this
let's go get it because guess what i got this

Team Jenny

Hey hey hey it is Jenny or for those who do not know my name is JennyI was diagnosed with ovarian cancer at the age 28 on March 3rd 2023. Besides this diagnoses I was diagnosed with I have autism spectrum disorder, hearing loss in my right ear, and mild intellectual disability.I decided to join this organization. I am strong and ambitious that I will help other women in my life to go through this journey. Thank you for your support. It means the world to me, and everyone affected by this disease. I love you and you are always always cherished. I got this and I thank my friends also family helping me through this. It has been a journey but remember quality over quantity because I did it for fertility. Overall I've still been super positive everyday and can’t wait to kick it's butt. I will be back on my feet in no time. Much love and see you guys in person or on the screen but I did put the emo in chemo because I went through the emo phase but we are one. We will make it thought. I am very proactive about this since I had my testing done. Every dollar I raise supports Ovarian Cancer Canada, the only national charity dedicated to overcoming this disease. The next big breakthrough in ovarian cancer is around the corner. Please donate to our team or join us! We welcome new members, there’s strength in numbers! Together, we can improve outcomes – for good. Thank you for your support. It means the world to us, and everyone affected by this disease. But you got this ladies we will be up on our feet no matter what. I am honoured to be in this organization to advocate on your behalf and change in other women like me. I got my cyst removed around May of 2023 and straight after I felt the freedom of without any more cyst but I can't wait to make a difference 

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