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Why Fundraise?

Everyone born with ovaries is at risk for ovarian cancer. It is the most fatal women’s cancer, and the reality is that every 5 hours, we lose someone we love to ovarian cancer in Canada. You have the power to ignite change by joining the Ignite for OCC movement.

When you ignite for OCC, you become a champion for this cause and will get access to our online tools and resources to support your fundraiser every step of the way. Our tips, tools, and event templates are easy to use and will make fundraising simple and fun.

Ignite your fundraiser for OCC in a few easy steps. Turn your ideas, passions, and hobbies into actions that fuel ovarian cancer research, advocate for better treatment, and power vital education and support resources. Ignite your fundraiser now with the help from our team.

About OCC

At OCC, we reject the notion that ovarian cancer can’t be eradicated. We are here to demand action, deliver change, and transform lives. We stand hand-in-hand with the people experiencing, affected by, or at risk of the disease. We will not rest until women are able to live their lives freely, fully, and uninhibited by ovarian cancer.

This cause needs champions — champions like you. We can change the face of this disease for good, but we need your help.

Where your money goes

OCC is the only national charity dedicated to eradicating ovarian cancer and preventing it from the future. We are filling a gap — we need to be here. Now is the time to demand better for women living with and at risk of this disease. By igniting for OCC, or supporting an event, you become a part of a movement to ignite change and make ovarian cancer unignorable.


We ignite to transform lives by funding vital research

We ignite to demand action for all those affected

We ignite to deliver change by providing vital education and support


Join the community to ignite change and transform lives!