2021 Personal Event TeamRaiser

Thank you for your support!
Thank you for your support!

La route turquoise / The Teal Road

In 2019, I was diagnosed with low-grade serous ovarian cancer. To treat this cancer and prevent a recurrence, I had to have a bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy and total hysterectomy, which left me sterile and menopausal at the age of 33. Being the mother of a little girl, the shock was brutal. 

Every year in Canada, 3,100 women are diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Unfortunately, more than half the women diagnosed do not live to see another five years. Furthermore, there is no effective screening test for the disease. 

As I face my new reality, I’m harnessing my passion into a project I’m calling, The Teal Road. My goal is to challenge the statistics women with this type of cancer face. I’m doing it for my daughter, for my teal sisters living with ovarian cancer and for all the women at risk of being diagnosed with this deadly disease. 

Inspired by Cécile Hryhorczuk, my fellow teal sister who completed a cross-Canada cycle from Vancouver to Montreal, I’ve decided to get on my own bike and ride the teal road. I am committing to ride 3,100 km, 1 km for every woman diagnosed in Canada every year, to both inspire hope and take back control of my physical and mental strength. Along this journey, I will also raise funds to advance research against ovarian cancer and collect stories from other women like me. 

During the two years following my diagnosis, I met a lot of women with this cancer. Through our discussions, I learned that when faced with a disease, we are all different, but there is one thing we share - hope

Equipped with a microphone and a recorder, I will meet women of all ages diagnosed with ovarian cancer, to discuss their challenges and concerns. Some of these women will also ride part of the teal road with me. 

Every dollar raised will support Ovarian Cancer Canada. The funds collected will help advance scientific progress, further advocacy efforts and maintain the organization’s support programs. 

Thank you for your support and hope to see you soon on the teal road! 

Laurence Dompierre-Major 

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