In support of Ovarian Cancer Canada

Cape to Cabot 2016 walking this race in support for Ovarian cancer Awareness
Cape to Cabot 2016 walking this race in support for Ovarian cancer Awareness

Cape to Cabot 2016 walking this for Ovarian Cancer

In Canada today, there are 17,000 women living with ovarian cancer. Each of these women is central to a family, every one of these women have people who love her. This year, I am fundraising for HER.

I am Fundraising because ovarian cancer affects communities. It’s certainly touched our lives, and we need to stop it.

This event is special to me because it honours women and families touched by ovarian cancer and celebrates the hope that we carry with us every day – the hope for a future without this disease.

Every dollar my event raises supports Ovarian Cancer Canada, the only national charity entirely dedicated to this important cause. Funds will be used to provide support, increase awareness and fund vital research.

Please support my event with your donation.

Together we can make a difference.



I will be doing the Cape to Cabot road race for Ovarian Cancer Awareness and raising money for the cause.The race is October 16th !

It’s called the toughest road race in eastern North America and its reputation might discourage many recreational runners or walkers like me but I am up for the challenge. Each year in Newfoundland, several hundred runners turn out to take on the hilly challenge of running 20K from Cape Spear to the Cabot Tower in St. John’s. The difficulty and the scenery is a big draw. From the start line at Cape Spear, the most easterly point in North America.

By the time you reach Cabot Tower, which incidentally you can see from the start line (it’s 4K across the North Atlantic), you will have experienced elevation gains of 550m. The last stretch, known as the Munn Mile, takes runners and walkers like me up a steep incline from the bottom of Temperance Street, where Terry Fox dipped his toes in St. John’s harbour over 35 years ago, to the finish line at the top of Signal Hill, Newfoundland’s most recognizable landmark.  There are grades of more than 10 per cent in some parts of the course, making it a real quad-busting work that is a challenge to make. :)

I am standing up to Cancer !!

As September was Ovarian Cancer Awareness month I have set up a support group for women in NL battling this disease. The group is called WOMEN OF HOPE OVARIAN CANCER SUPPORT GROUP NL.

Please share this because support is important.

Speak up.....Speak out !!
Thank you friends for all your support


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