The Sue Deacon Cup

About the Sue Deacon Cup

In the past four years, the Sue Deacon Memorial Cup has raised over $447,000 in support of the Sue Deacon Ovarian Cancer Research Fund. Thank you to the women and men who come out to play and raise funds as well to the sponsors and donors who have helped to make this tournament such a resounding success.

This year in Canada, 2,800 women will be diagnosed with ovarian cancer and half will not survive past five years. In 2016, the Sue Deacon Cup Committee and Ovarian Cancer Canada created the Sue Deacon Ovarian Cancer Research Fund to help improve the outcomes for those women. All proceeds will go directly into the fund where researchers are working to develop early detection techniques, improved treatments and, ultimately, a cure.

“Stop playing hockey? Might as well ask me not to breathe.” - Sue Deacon

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