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Ready to get ovarian cancer on the public radar?

Trish Dunphy's Story

Burlington, Ontario
July 29, 2015

“With ovarian cancer, precious few are affected. But we’re affected deeply, making it even more important for each of us to pour our hearts and souls into this cause,” says Trish Dunphy. “Everyone needs to be on board because funding for research, support and awareness has to come from within our community. We won’t get anywhere without it.”

Just last year, Trish was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. She had never heard of the disease before. Confused about her diagnosis, Trish set out to learn everything she could about ovarian cancer. As her knowledge grew, so did her commitment to sharing information with everyone who would listen.

She hated that other women, just like her, were in the dark about the disease. “I wanted to become an advocate and I found out how through Ovarian Cancer Canada,” says Trish.

Now an active volunteer, Trish presents public awareness sessions and tells her story so that future health professionals and scientists will further their resolve to change outcomes. She also stepped up as a co-chair of the Ovarian Cancer Canada Walk of Hope in her community.

“Every donation counts, no matter what the amount,” she says. “If you raise $100, it’s $100 that wasn’t there before. And it’s $100 that is going to be put to work hard against this disease.”

Ready to get ovarian cancer on the public radar? Trish hopes you are nodding yes! Register now or sign in to your Participant Centre to email potential supporters.

More about Trish

  • Diagnosed in 2014 with stage 1a ovarian cancer
  • Hobbies: Nature trails, biking, jogging
  • Walk theme song: Fight Song by Rachel Platten
  • HER team: Team Beat It. She met the captain while organizing this year’s Walk
  • Reason for walking: To raise research funds

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