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I am a researcher

Mauricio Medrano’s Story

Toronto, Ontario
November 17, 2016

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My name is Mauricio Medrano, and I am a researcher. My research focuses on high-grade serous ovarian cancer – the most common subtype. My research identifies genes that enable tumours to survive, which could help the development of more effective targeted treatment. I chose ovarian cancer as the focus of my research because we desperately need progress for this disease.

People are the reason I do what I do. This is why I continue to support The Walk - because it is incredibly important to have a source of positivity in a time that can be very isolating. It is a truly humbling experience to see the support women and families living with ovarian cancer receive at this event. This puts my work into perspective and everything I am doing in the lab feels that much more powerful and important.

In support of Ovarian Cancer Canada, I also chose to run the Scotiabank Marathon. During the marathon, my feet started to blister at 11 km. I had 30 km to go. Had it been any other day, I might have stopped. But knowing that I was running for women affected by ovarian cancer carried me through to the finish line.

I am a recipient of the Teal Heart Scholarship – funding established by Ovarian Cancer Canada and Darrin Bast to encourage graduate students to get involved in ovarian cancer research. With the limited amount of research funding in ovarian cancer, supporting Ovarian Cancer Canada is critical as they are the only national organization that gives thousands of women and families who are affected by ovarian cancer a voice. For researchers like me, the louder the voice, the louder the impact my research could make.

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Mauricio Medrano 



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