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Meet the largest Walk team of 2015 (so far)

Sherry Colney's Story

Edmonton, Alberta
August 6, 2015

“When my mom was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, her treatment became our top priority,” says Sherry Colney. “With all her appointments, there hasn’t been time for her to connect with others who could relate to her journey firsthand.”

HeatherSherry Colney and her mother Heather

Heather, Sherry’s mother, learned she had ovarian cancer earlier this year. Having previously attended an Ovarian Cancer Canada awareness session, Sherry knew exactly where to turn for support.

Heather will be finishing chemotherapy a few weeks before this year’s Walk. Living on the outskirts of Edmonton, Alberta, she has yet to meet someone else who is living with ovarian cancer.

“Being diagnosed is an overwhelming and emotional experience that can only be understood by someone who has walked in those shoes,” daughter Sherry continues. “My hope is that Mom will be able to meet her fellow survivors on Walk day.”

To do so, Heather will need to sidestep a long line of supporters; some 89 people are signed up as part of her team. Taking their cues from Sherry, who organized a well-attended popcorn party, team members have championed fundraisers ranging from bottle drives to BBQs to bracelets.

Do you have an idea for a fundraising event? Big or small, they get people talking about ovarian cancer and awareness is key. Start the ball rolling by signing in to your online Participant Centre to email invitations to your friends, family, and colleagues.

More about Team Heather

  • Walk day transportation: School bus of course!
  • Walk theme song: Something Big by Shawn Mendes
  • Sherry’s reason for walking: “I’ve lived through seeing awareness of other cancers rise and thrive. I want to see the same thing happen for ovarian cancer.”


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