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Taking steps to change lives

A brief history and Lynette Foster’s story

Toronto, Ontario and Yarmouth, Nova Scotia
March 30, 2016

Walk for HER

Fifteen years ago, a group of people gathered in Sunnybrook Park. They were brought there by Peggy Truscott, a Toronto volunteer and ovarian cancer survivor. Surrounded by her friends and family, Peggy had been at the park since the wee hours of the morning; marking a 5-kilometer Walk route with bushels of sunflowers, organizing paperwork, and arranging a few boxes of t-shirts and water bottles.

She was starting a movement, though she might not have known it at the time. Very simply, Peggy wanted to bring together a community of support for those who had been affected by ovarian cancer. So she did. In the coming years, so did others in cities and towns right across the country.

Since its founding in 2002, the Ovarian Cancer Canada Walk of Hope has been changing lives by connecting people who can relate to each other firsthand, and by raising both funds and awareness. Now the most powerful one-day event entirely dedicated to overcoming ovarian cancer, the Walk fuels year-round programming in addition to contributing towards much-needed research.

Truscott Family.png

The Truscott family at the 2015 Toronto Walk of Hope

“My mother would be so glad to see how much this small idea of hers has grown.  It is fabulous that so many more women and families impacted by ovarian cancer now have an opportunity to raise awareness and show support for each other at the annual walk,” says Sarah Truscott, Peggy’s daughter.

The Truscott family, now with little ones in tow, continues to make a tradition of Walk day.

“Whether it’s to honour someone you love, or to make a future without ovarian cancer possible for our children, everyone has a special reason for walking.” says Allyson MacQueen, Director of Community Engagement at Ovarian Cancer Canada. “I think that’s what makes the Walk so powerful – a lot of heart goes into it.”

Allyson works closely with co-chairs and volunteer committees to make their visions for Walk day a reality. She’s regularly in touch with people like Lynette Foster, whose personal mission is to give back to her community.

Foster family cropped.jpg

The Foster family at the Ovarian Cancer Canada Walk of Hope.

“Following my first diagnosis, I had my daughter,” says Lynette. “I named her Chloe Hope, because I needed hope to get through what I did. At the baby shower, my sister told me about the Walk and we started going the very next year.”

That meant driving from Yarmouth, Nova Scotia to Halifax, but off they went! Five years ago, Lynette decided to bring the Walk to her town.

“It wasn’t until three years later that another survivor joined our Walk family in Yarmouth,” recalls Lynette. “Ovarian cancer was still new to her so it became all the more important for me to create a special space in time, just to be there.”

Ovarian cancer affects our mothers, soul mates, sisters, daughters, best friends and perfect strangers. We can do something to make a difference today, and tomorrow.
Walk for HER. Let’s take steps together for all the women who made us who we are. 

Register today. The Ovarian Cancer Canada Walk of Hope takes place on Sunday, September 11 (date may vary by location).

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