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With Love from Nairobi

Gulnar Walli’s Story

Edmonton, Alberta
August 12, 2015

Gulnar Walli  “At what was possibly the scariest time in her life, Mom was more worried about the rest of us than she was about herself,” recalls Hussain Walli. That’s my mom. It’s just her way.”

Hussain’s mother, Gulnar, was diagnosed in January of this year. On hearing that it was ovarian cancer, family members clamoured to drive her to appointments and stay home with her as she recovered from chemo.

They signed up for the Walk to show their support for Gulnar’s journey, naming their team after her signature dish. When news of their participation in the Walk spread to Nairobi, Gulnar’s eldest brother and sister decided to organize locally. They’re walking in Nairobi the very same day that Gulnar’s Samosa Squad hits the pavement here at home, united in their efforts to raise funds for overcoming ovarian cancer.

“Mom has been out walking every day to build up her strength,” says Hussain. “With a new grandchild on the way, there’s added light at the end of this tunnel. She is going to be a wonderful grandmother.”

Have you asked the out-of-towners in your life to donate? Just think of all the houseguests you’ve had over the years. They’d love to know about the good you are up to! Sign in to your online Participant Centre to send them an update and ask for their support as you Walk for HER.

More about Gulnar’s Samosa Squad

  • Team trademark: Glitter! Glitter on everything
  • Fun fact: Gulnar’s daughter, Faaria, intended to run the Walk. But at 6 months pregnant, she’ll be waddling instead
  • Big dare: If the team achieves its fundraising goal, Hussain will Walk for HER in a shimmering teal tutu

Gulnar's Birthday

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