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Husband participates in Ovarian Cancer Canada Walk of Hope to honour late wife and her fundraising achievements

Rob Campbell’s Story

Hamilton, Ontario
July 27, 2017

When Candice Campbell was diagnosed with stage IV ovarian cancer in September, 2014, her response was to do something for the community.

“She was always very involved,” says her husband, Rob Campbell. “Candice was always the major player and voice in everything she joined.”

Candice first participated in the Ovarian Cancer Canada Walk of Hope in Hamilton, Ontario in 2015. Her team, Candy's Cancer Crushin’ Cure-Saders, was made up of family and friends.

Candice, left, and other survivors at the Walk
Candice, left, and other survivors at the Walk

Last year Candice was the top fundraiser in Hamilton, where her team raised $4,450. She grew to look to her fellow team captains as amazing friends and supporters.

Candice never let her cancer diagnosis slow her down. She continued to be actively involved in the community, volunteering at Wellwood and a local hospital. A mother to two children, Will and Charlene, she also helped with school programs.

She had a hysterectomy almost immediately after her diagnosis, followed by 27 rounds of chemotherapy and four different courses of treatment. “It was like a roller coaster,” Rob says, “each treatment worked for a time which brought us great hope, but then the cancer took over.”

In March 2017, Candice was checked into hospice care, where she passed away in less than a week.

Candice was an advocate and supporter of the Ovarian Cancer Canada community, and an inspiration to all those around her. For this year’s Walk, Rob has decided to honour his wife’s achievements and memory by taking up the role as team captain for Candy's Cancer Crushin’ Cure-Saders.

Candice, Rob and their children, Will and Charlene
Candice, Rob and their children, Will and Charlene

Through their fundraising and community involvement, Rob and his team have already raised more than $3,000 and he aims to raise as much as he can. “I do it in her memory, but I’m also doing it for the other superheroes that are struggling with this disease," he says. “For every step my team takes, it will be a reminder of how strong my wife Candice was and how much she meant to so many."

Candice and Candy's Cancer Crushin' Cure-Saders
Candice and Candy’s Cancer Crushin’ Cure-Saders

Since starting in 2002, the Ovarian Cancer Canada Walk of Hope has raised more than $23-million to provide support, raise awareness and fund research for ovarian cancer. This year’s Walk takes place in 39 locations across Canada, including Hamilton at Valley Park on September 10, 2017. Register today


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