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Walking to improve the journey for others

Louise Nolet’s story

Quebec City, Quebec
June 26, 2018

When Louise Nolet marked her fifth year out of treatment, she wanted to find a way to acknowledge the milestone. "I had to do something to change the course of this disease!" she says. After searching online, she found the Ovarian Cancer Canada Walk of Hope and registered to walk in Quebec City.

"The first time I participated in the Walk, I was surprised to meet so many other people who had ovarian cancer,” says Louise.

Since then, she’s continued to participate in the Walk year after year. Louise says she walks to celebrate her health, support those who have had a difficult journey, and to help ensure the next generation of women has better outcomes.

Louise was diagnosed with endometrioid ovarian cancer, Stage I, grade 3 in 2007. In her case, after surgery and six rounds of chemotherapy, there was no evidence of disease.

At this year’s Walk, she will be acknowledging 10 years cancer-free.

"We have to do our part if we want to change things," says Louise. "I got involved in the Walk because I wanted to help move research forward, improve treatments, and stop ovarian cancer before it begins. I fundraise for Ovarian Cancer Canada so that other women have the same chance at life that I do.”

“I ask friends, neighbours - even people who help me out around the house and people from my grocery store - to donate to our cause. After all my asking, people and business end up supporting me!”

When Louise invites people to give, regardless of whether they actually make a donation, she uses the opportunity to increase awareness by telling them more about the disease.

"Every person I ask for support is one more person who knows about ovarian cancer," she says. Louise realizes there is a lack of awareness about this disease and it pushes her to do even more.

Reflecting on her own story, Louise remembers the fear she felt when she was told she had ovarian cancer. Like many other women, she first heard about the disease when she was diagnosed.

But the Walk brought her face-to-face with a supportive community. When she was welcomed by other women, Louise was overwhelmed by their support. On receiving her first teal T-shirt, she felt a part of an important movement for much-needed change.

"There is a true community at the Walk,” says Louise. “I definitely made friends. We meet at the park and we walk together. It feels good to go. We support one another, share stories about our experiences, and update each other on this and that.”

“I fundraise every year and I will carry on as long as health allows me to do so and as long as people will join me for the journey."

Join Louise in making a difference for women and families living with ovarian cancer. Register and fundraise for the Ovarian Cancer Canada Walk of Hope.


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