What Your Money Supports

These are some of the initiatives powered by the Ovarian Cancer Canada Walk of Hope:

Support for women and families living with the disease

  • By Your Side: A comprehensive guide to support and inform women who have been newly diagnosed with ovarian cancer
  • Still By Your Side: A resource for women who are facing recurrence, this companion provides support in instances when ovarian cancer returns
  • Expert led symposia and webinars on specialized topics to connect and inform the community
  • The only online support group in the country that is entirely devoted to women living with ovarian cancer. This resource was established in partnership with CancerChat 

Awareness and education

  • Survivors Teaching Students® brings future healthcare professionals and scientists closer to understanding the survivor experience of ovarian cancer
  • Knowledge is Power information sessions held in community settings and workplaces to increase awareness of ovarian cancer
  • Trainee awards encouraging residents to consider electives in gynecological oncology. This builds future capacity such that women with ovarian cancer can receive treatment from the right specialists, ensuring the best possible outcomes

Research funding

  • Tissue banks that have helped facilitate recent research breakthroughs, such as the discovery that ovarian cancer is not one but several different diseases that respond differently to various treatments and have varied outcomes
  • Partnering with the Cancer Research Society to solicit grants for projects specific to ovarian cancer that resulted in a record number of applications received and funded

For information about ovarian cancer or Ovarian Cancer Canada programs and services, visit ovariancanada.org or call 1 877 413-7970.

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