What Your Money Supports

These are some of the initiatives powered by the Ovarian Cancer Canada Walk of Hope:

Support for women and families living with the disease

  • OVdialogue - an online community where women in Canada living with ovarian cancer can connect for advice and encouragement. Launched at the Walk in 2017, this online community was built with guidance from women who have been diagnosed with ovarian cancer, as well as leading experts. For many women, the Walk represents the first time they come face to face with others living with the disease. OVdialogue offers continuous opportunities to extend these relationships and build new ones throughout the year. Now every woman with this disease – even in the most remote regions of Canada – can stay in touch with women who have been through the same experience.
  • By Your Side – a guide for women who are newly diagnosed with ovarian cancer.
  • Still By Your Side - a guide for women who are facing a recurrence of ovarian cancer.
  • Expert-led symposia and webinars - on specialized topics to connect and inform the community.
  • One-on-one support and information - provided directly to women and their families.

Advocacy and Research

Research is the only way to change the course of ovarian cancer for good. In fact, Ovarian Cancer Canada has contributed $6 million to research in Canada. This investment is focused on building capacity through initiatives such as a dedicated Chair in Ovarian Cancer Research who continues to promote the study of this disease and the Ovarian Cancer Canada Tissue Banking Network, which makes biological samples and data available to scientists and physicians here at home and internationally. Because of these investments, the Canadian scientific community focused on ovarian cancer is regarded as among one of the most engaged and collaborative in the world.

While research is teaching us more and more about ovarian cancer and how to support and treat women affected, research for this disease has been chronically underfunded in Canada for the past 50 years. This is why Ovarian Cancer Canada has been advocating nationally and regionally for greater government investment in research funding and improved access to urgently needed treatments. A great deal of what we know about ovarian cancer stems from Canadian researchers. But there is much left to learn. Your support of Ovarian Cancer Canada means we can continue to advocate for vital research investments while supporting women living with, or at risk of, this disease.

For information about ovarian cancer or Ovarian Cancer Canada programs and services, visit ovariancanada.org or call 1 877 413-7970.